About The Second Mile Center

The Second Mile Center was incorporated in February 1982, and opened its door for business the first week of November 1983. We are a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization, and have a tax exempt number with the state of Pennsylvania.

The original vision was to provide employment and help for those trapped by poverty, to enable folks to try to break that cycle, climb out and go on a bigger and better things. It still is the overall goal, but as time has gone on we have learned better how to do it. At first, we tried a lot of different things - hand outs of free government food (butter and cheese), the start of a literacy center, distribution of food and blankets to the homeless, our own version of meals on wheels, and whatever individual help we could offer. But we soon learned that our best efforts amounted to nothing more than enabling people to stay where they were. Very little changed. Finally the vision settled on our own employees. The majority are ex-offenders, parolees, recovering addicts, and even occasional street people and the homeless. The second group, by far the smaller and sometimes not at all, were people from the middle east who came here needing jobs and a place to learn english. The latter quickly move on once their english is good.

Our Mission:

SMC is about employment opportunities for people struggling to access the job market.
Help for those trapped by poverty.
Give a second chance to ex-offenders
Give a chance to addicts.
Hire homeless people.
Employees are offered a supportive environment in which to rebuild their lives, to become self supporting and functional.

Our Stores

The Main Store

The Main store provides clothing, linens, and shoes. Our Furniture department in the rear, and our Electronics Department, also in the rear, which has computers, TVs, DVD players, DVDs, CDs, bicycles, sporting goods, hardware, luggage, and a wide range ofhandy bits and pieces

The Bric-a-Brac Store

The Bric-a-Brac Store (Second Mile TOO) can supply you with anything from saucepans to gold rings, a violin to a toaster, baskets and toys. Like Picasso ? Perhaps there is a print next to the crystal glasses ! And in the rear is our Book Nook containing a wealth of preloved books


Our Contacts

Tel: 1(215) 662-1663 / 662-0969
Email: info@thesecondmilecenter.org

The Second Mile Center

214 South 45th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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